Natural Cosmetics “Nature’s Heart” story begins with awareness of the need to return to nature and healthy living and the fact that God has left on Earth what we need to be healthy in body and spirit. We just have to appreciate the true value and healing power of plants and to trust that what nature gives us is not random, but the solution to reach all the different issues and difficulties we are facing.

A healthy body is important for both mental health and for an overall well being. We all know how serious the small problems become: tired skin, rashes, allergies caused by the siege of chemicals to which modern human being is subjected to both by diet and by environmental pollution, not to mention the major health problems.

Few realize that cosmetics, especially hygiene ones, are used directly on skin, the body’s largest organ, absorbing almost half of the substances that comes in contact with. So, we begin to understand the importance of natural cosmetics that contain substances easily recognized and processed by the body, the consumer benefiting from all the natural qualities of the products’ components.

Nature’s Heart was born from the need to return to nature but also to rediscover the passion for nature as a whole – not just beautiful, but also healing- and bring out an entirely natural product, handmade, with lots of attention and love.

We invite you to share with us the joy of discovering together the secrets of nature and enjoy the exceptional quality of these products.

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