Toate produsele Nature’s Heart contin uleiuri vegetale extravirgine obtinute prin procedee mecanice, uleiuri esentiale pentru un parfum natural al produselor, sucuri de fructe si legume si plante cu proprietati curative.

Sapunurile Nature’s Heart sunt realizate numai din ingrediente naturale, fara aport de caldura, conservandu-se astfel proprietatile benefice si terapeutice ale tuturor ingredientelor folosite.

Cosmeticele naturale Nature’s Heart sunt testate dermatologic, microbiologic, continut de grasimi si alcalinitate si sunt notificate la Ministerul Sanatatii din Romania.

Preventiv, nu se recomanda folosirea lor de catre femeile insarcinate si copiii sub 3 ani.

  • Oil for cellulite and stretch marks

    ACTION: It is a source of vitamin E contains essential minerals: magnesium and calcium, vitamin D, softens and maintains skin radiance, deeply hydrates the skin, soothes irritation and inflammation of the skin, delay aging, nourishes the skin, making a smooth and soft. Natural emollient, this oil is nutritious and is an amazing source of calcium. It contains B vitamins, phosphorus and iron, contains palmitoleic acid (macadamia oil) that is found in abundance in our skin when we are young, but decreases as we age.

  • Body Oil

    ACTION: Recommended for relaxation and massage, deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth, toned, full of vitality and shine.

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